You Are Worth Fighting For

You're Worth Fighting For!


When choosing an attorney to help you achieve your legal goals, getting the right fit is critical. If you are facing criminal charges you need an effective litigator to take your side. Similarly, if you have estate, probate, business or tax matters to take care of, you need someone skilled in those transactions.

At Nolan Law Firm LLC, in Kirksville, we serve you effectively in all of these areas. Patrick Nolan is an accomplished litigator with the tenacity to deal effectively with the opposition in disputed cases and get results. He will be your champion in the fight with prosecutors, your ex-spouse's attorney, or other parties. For more transactional matters such as estate planning, asset protection, or marijuana law, Nolan can assist you ably in taking the right steps to further your interests.

Being Proactive Means 
The Best Defense Is A Good Offense


As an experienced litigator who has handled hundreds of cases, Patrick Nolan knows how important it is to be proactive in order to get a favorable resolution of a legal dispute. We'll protect your rights aggressively, but we won't just play defense. In a high-conflict setting, the best defense is often a good offense and when needed, we will use aggressive tactics to pursue the outcome you desire. We punch back. 

In transactional settings such as estate planning, trusts, NFA Gun trusts, we are proactive too, only in a different way. Nolan uses his skills to protect what you value. 

We plan, protect, and defend.

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