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Appellate Victory for Nolan Law Firm and our Client

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2018 | The Shield |

B.K. came to Nolan Law Firm in November 2017 with an expungement issue. He was arrested in 2010 over an $18 check to a local pizza shop in 2009. B.K. paid the check and the case was dismissed. However, the old arrest popped up on some FBI background checks that he had to undergo for employment and licensing in his new profession in 2017.

We filed to expunge the arrest record, under 610.122. That expungement was granted after a short hearing. However, the Highway Patrol appealed the decision. We defended B.K.’s right to have the arrest expunged in Missouri’s Western District Court of Appeals, where the Court held that the Fine Collection Center is not a court and that a date range is acceptable for providing the date of the arrest in regards to expungement.

B.K. v Missouri State Highway Patrol