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Hit-and-run in Rogersville leaves woman dead

On Behalf of | May 16, 2021 | Vehicle Accidents |

The reason for using the word “accident” to describe scenarios where vehicles collide with each other in Missouri is purposeful; very rarely does a driver take to the road with the intent to not only put themselves at risk, but also to harm others.  

That lack of intent, however, does not change the fact that car accidents often produce devastating outcomes. When those outcomes come as the result of another careless or aggressive driving, victims impacted by such action may have cause to seek a liability claim.  

Woman dead following accident involving FedEx truck

Such may be the result of a recent car accident case in Rogersville (once authorities locate the driver responsible for the collision). Per reports issued by, the driver of an SUV attempted to pass a FedEx truck by crossing into the oncoming lane of traffic on State Highway 125. They apparently failed to see another vehicle coming from the opposite direction. That vehicle swerved to avoid them, instead running into the FedEx truck. The woman driving that car died from her injuries. Law enforcement officials now seek the driver of the SUV, who reportedly fled the scene before first responders arrived.  

Accountability for aggressive driving

Any number of factors may prompt someone to drive aggressively (such as being late for an appointment or hoping to stay ahead of bad weather). While some may sympathize with these reasons, one’s disregard for the safety of others (as evidenced by their aggressive driving) should not go overlooked. Accident victims may use such action as justification for their reason to seek legal action in an effort to secure compensation to cover their accident expenses.