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What are some signs of a spinal cord injury?

On Behalf of | May 4, 2021 | Firm News |

After a crash or a workplace accident, you may start to notice odd pains and aches along your spine.

A spinal cord injury can greatly affect your daily life. Whether it is the ability to carry heavy items or the amount of sleep you get, spine trauma can leave you feeling exhausted and frustrated. Knowing the signs of this problem can help you understand what you are suffering from.

Bowel issues

According to the Mayo Clinic, this injury can directly harm your bowels. You may notice you are unable to fully empty your bladder in the days following an accident.

Head or neck injuries can affect this area of your body. If this continues, you may also completely lose bladder or bowel control.

Nerve problems

If you notice tingling sensations down your spine or feel sharp instances of pain while moving or sitting, you may have spinal trauma. Losing the ability to sense hot or cold temperatures by touch can also make it harder to function normally.

You may notice nerve endings along your spine feel worse as time goes on. Not all symptoms are obvious directly after an accident, which can make spinal cord injuries even harder to pinpoint.

Neck pain

Spinal cord injuries also make it hard to fully turn your neck to the side. Some people notice an increase in spasms or exaggerated reflexes in the days following an accident.

These feelings of stiffness or weakness can also make it harder to drive or even stay balanced on your feet. Spinal trauma can change all areas of your daily life, including mentally and physically.