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Lucky driver escapes serious injury after vehicle ejection

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2021 | Vehicle Accidents |

In Missouri, wearing a seat belt is not only one of the more effective ways to stay safe behind the wheel, but it is also a legal requirement. In fact, in the Show Me State, all drivers and passengers must wear seat belts when vehicles are in operation.  

Not wearing a seat belt can lead to catastrophic injuries in a motor vehicle crash. Then, to add insult to very serious injury, an insurance adjuster may use a driver’s or passenger’s lack of seat belt usage to offer a low financial settlement.  

Woman survives accident

According to reporting from KTVO, a Shelby County woman recently survived ejection from a vehicle in which she was a passenger. The ejection was the result of a collision with a deer and embankment. While ejections from motor vehicles often cause painful injuries or even death, the passenger suffered only minor injuries.  

Seat belts save lives

Even though the passenger in the Shelby County accident survived ejection, most are not so lucky. The Missouri State Highway Patrol notes hitting the windshield at 30 miles per hour is roughly equivalent to falling from a three-story building. Alarmingly, unrestrained individuals have died at speeds as low as 12 miles per hour.  

Financial compensation helps crash victims

Many insurance companies are profitable because they collect regular premiums from vehicle owners and pay as little as possible for insurance claims. Even though an adjuster may offer a low-ball settlement because of failure to wear a seat belt, juries in Missouri typically cannot use a person’s failure to wear a seat belt as evidence of comparative negligence.  

Injured Missourians need prompt financial compensation to recover after an accident. Ultimately, wearing a seat belt may increase a person’s chances of receiving a fair insurance settlement.