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What can I do to better help my mom create an estate plan?

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As your parents age, you may need to step in to help them prepare for the future. One of the things you may need to do is assist your parent with creating an estate plan.

Everyone should have an estate plan because it gives you the power to dictate what will happen with your property after you die. It also will protect your heirs and allow you to plan for a situation where you cannot make decisions for yourself and need someone to stand up for you.

If you need to help your mom create her estate plan, you want to approach the subject carefully. MarketWatch suggests you understand it can be a sensitive topic, but that you should speak to your mom about it anyway as it is something she has to think about as she ages.

Keep it open

You should not approach estate planning as some type of secretive process. To avoid having other family members get upset, you should open it up to everyone. Have your mom invite whoever she wants to be part of the conversation.

Stress benefits

It can be much easier to introduce the topic if you focus on why it is beneficial and how it will help. Talk about the peace of mind and the control it will give her. Explain how it helps not only after her death but also while she is still alive.

Stay on task

It can be easy to go off track when discussing estate topics. It will make it easier on everyone if you have a plan in place about what you want to accomplish and you stick to that plan. Do not let fighting or other issues get n the way of accomplishing your goals.