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Get a new child car seat following moderate and severe accidents

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2022 | Vehicle Accidents |

If you are a parent, you undoubtedly know how expensive child car seats and booster seats can be. Even if you choose a moderately priced car seat, you can plan to replace it when your child grows. You may have to get a new car seat much earlier than that, however.

A car accident can weaken the integrity of car- and booster seats. Consequently, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommends replacing car seats following moderate and severe motor vehicle accidents.

How do you know if your accident was moderate or severe?

It is probably safe to continue to use your child’s car or booster seat if your accident was minor. How do you know the difference between minor accidents and moderate or severe ones, though? The NHTSA lists five criteria for determining whether an accident was moderate or severe.

If even one of the following applies, you should replace your child’s car seat or booster seat immediately:

  • The car is undrivable
  • The car has damage to the side closest to the car seat or booster seat
  • The car’s airbags deployed
  • The car seat or booster seat has visible signs of damage
  • Someone, not necessarily your child, suffered an injury

What should you do with a damaged car or booster seat?

If you have decided to replace your child’s car seat or booster seat after a crash, you do not want the damaged seat to end up with another family. Therefore, rather than donating it to a thrift store, you should clearly mark the seat as unsafe using a permanent marker or spray paint. Then, you should recycle the seat or send it to the landfill.

Ultimately, by replacing your child’s car seat or booster seat after a moderate or severe car accident, you continue to ensure the young one in your family has the most effective protection during a future collision.