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Will nesting work for you?

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As a parent, the one thing you want for your child is stability and safety. Of course, during a divorce, it is hard to guarantee these things. You have your own personal stakes to deal with and your own battles to go through at the same time, too.

Is there any way that you can preserve your own mental well-being while also providing your child with as much support as possible? Fortunately, this is where nesting may come into play.

How does nesting work?

Divorce Mag looks at the benefits associated with nesting for co-parents. Nesting – or bird nesting – is a form of parenting that many ex-couples decide to utilize during and after a divorce. Named after the way birds raise their young, a family in a nesting situation keeps their children in the family home instead of making the children move from house to house for visitations.

Instead, the parents take turns living in the family home with the children. When not “on duty”, one parent will live in a dwelling outside of the family home. Some people rent small apartments for this purpose, while others live with friends or family in temporary living situations.

A permanent custody solution

In some cases, families enjoy bird nesting so much that they make it a permanent arrangement, with each parent having permanent dwellings outside of the family home to return to when not spending time with their children.

Of course, each family is different and has different needs. You must make the decision yourself based on personal factors as to whether or not you and your child would benefit from nesting.