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Rebuilding your life after incarceration

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Even though it may seem impossible to picture your life outside of prison, setting goals for yourself might provide the motivation you need to keep going. Taking back control of your life is something you can do even if your sentence has not ended yet.

Your current situation does not have to determine the remainder of your life. Knowing some strategies for rebuilding your life can help you identify your next steps.

Learn new skills

Prison-sponsored educational courses can introduce you to new skills you have not yet learned. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, some reasons why you might further your education during incarceration include opportunities for self-improvement, interest in career training and a desire to increase your job marketability.

Collaborate with prison staff to learn about eligibility requirements. Document the courses you complete and verify that your records correctly show your degree progress. Use course participation as an opportunity to improve skills like communication, leadership, critical thinking and problem-solving.

Live with dignity

Outside of prison, getting a job can greatly improve your quality of life. You might need to start simple and in an entry-level position. However, building a reputation of loyalty, integrity and reliability can help you excel and expand your career options. You can work with your defense team to find out your options for clearing your name and managing your criminal record.

Your outlook on life says a lot to other people about the type of person you are. Carrying yourself with dignity and having confidence in your ability to live a successful life can help you excel personally and professionally.