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How do degrees of burn severity work?

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In an average person’s daily life, they come across many different things that can burn them. Anything from a water heater that goes too high, to a curling iron can cause burns.

Burns vary in intensity based on a scale, too. It is important to know how this scale works as it determines the type of treatment a victim gets.

High severity burns

Temple Health looks into the degrees of burn severity. From the most to least mild, there are third, second and first degree burns.

Third-degree burns hold the highest level of severity. This involves all layers of the skin and the victim will often not feel pain due to the damage done to their nerve endings. The skin will look charred or white in appearance rather than red or blistered. Damage from third-degree burns requires immediate medical intervention no matter the size of the burn.

Second-degree burns, on the other hand, are only minor if they are smaller than 2 or 3 inches. Anything larger than that or on the face, groin, main joints or other crucial areas also requires immediate medical treatment. These burns involve multiple layers of skin and can create deep and painful blisters.

The lowest burn severity

First-degree burns are the least intense, though they still cause the victims a great amount of discomfort and some pain. Sunburns often fall into this category. The skin turns red but not blistered, and will often hurt worse when touched. Though victims should always seek medical advice, these burns often just need topical treatments and rest in order to properly heal.