You’re Worth Fighting For

Take Back Your Future After A DWI Arrest

A DWI arrest cannot be ignored, especially if you have lost your driving privileges or if you are jailed or threatened with jail. An aggressive defense can be essential even for a first offense. Please realize that consequences for repeat DWI convictions get more serious, so preventing a conviction now can make a great difference for unpredictable future events.

Thank you for considering Nolan, Mulford & DeLeeuw, as a strong resource after you have been charged with a crime in Missouri. I am attorney Pat Nolan, a founder of this firm. I handle most criminal matters for our clients, including DWI defense.

A Case With Dual Processes

A Missouri DWI arrest triggers two cases: one criminal and one civil.

  • The criminal case is the prosecution against you for the alleged violation of Missouri’s laws against driving while intoxicated.
  • The civil case includes an administrative hearing in which the Missouri Department of Revenue may suspend your license.

You need an attorney to help you pursue the best outcomes in both civil and criminal matters. You’re worth fighting for.

Act Quickly For Best Results In Your Civil Case

You must request a hearing within 15 days of your DWI or the license suspension will go into effect automatically. The team at Nolan, Mulford & DeLeeuw is ready to file your challenge to the DWI license suspension and fight for you through the administrative hearing. Our team efforts (with you as part of the team) will be a whole-case process in which we consider the best approach to handling the administrative hearing while determining how to handle the criminal charges.

Put My Experience And Skill To Work In Your Defense

Your criminal case could take anywhere from several months to more than a year to resolve. Plea arrangements are faster. But we won’t know if taking a plea is the best course until the prosecution starts disclosing discovery. I will then discuss the merits of your case with you and the risks involved in going to trial. I may demonstrate that a police officer’s alleged visual detection of intoxication was flawed. I may have solid evidence with which to challenge the results of your field sobriety or chemical test (preliminary breath test, urine test or blood test). Together, we may find other factors to present to a prosecutor or judge in your defense.

Ultimately, the decision to take a plea or go to trial will be yours and yours alone. With my experience and skill on your side, I am confident that you will be well prepared to make the right decision in your case. I can advise you, but I cannot make the decision for you.

Preserve Your Driving Privileges And Your Clean Record

Your legal situation is urgent if you have been charged with DWI – driving while intoxicated by alcohol or drugs. Meet with a defense lawyer as soon as possible to learn how to keep your driver’s license or get it back as well as how to get out of jail after an arrest. Above all, do all that you can to avoid a criminal record.

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