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Traffic Law

Speeding tickets written in the state of Missouri by the Missouri State Highway Patrol are considered state law violations. Municipal police agencies write tickets that can be prosecuted in state court or municipal court.

Each prosecutor will have his or her own policy for prosecuting speeding tickets. It is completely within the discretion of the prosecutor to determine whether or not to prosecute, dismiss or otherwise dispose of a case.

Generally speaking, many prosecutors are willing to offer a lenient disposition in a speeding ticket case if the speeding does not appear to be purposeful or excessive, the driver’s record is relatively clear, and the offense is not committed in a construction or school zone. Of course, there are exceptions to this general rule.

Missouri Point Accumulation Scenarios

A speeding ticket written as a violation of state law will result in 3 points being assessed to the driver’s license. If the ticket is written as a violation of a municipal ordinance 2 points will be assessed.

If a driver receives 8 points in 18 months, a 30 day driver’s license suspension will be imposed (8 in 18, 12 in 24, or 24 in 36 will result in a 30-day suspension). If a person receives 12 points in 12 months, a one-year revocation will occur. A reduction of points occurs when a driver goes a full year without receiving any convictions.

Upon a full year of driving conviction free, 1/3 of the points will be removed from the driver’s record. After the second year of driving conviction free, half of the rest of the points will be removed. After the third consecutive year of driving conviction free, the remaining points will be removed.

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